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Please keep in mind that some gowns will need some sort of altering. We are not responsible for sizing mishaps. We advise all clients to be thorough in providing / choosing their measurements. Since we do not measure the dresses on your body we cannot guarantee the measurements you have chosen will be your exact size.

  • Attach pictures with detailed, close-up views (front, back, side) of your self.

  • In the body of the e-mail be sure to include a description of how you want the dress to be customized, your wedding date, and other important information.

  • For Custom-Made Bridal Gowns, we typically do not accept any orders in which the event/wear date is less than 12 weeks away from the date of purchase.

  • We will respond to your e-mail within 48 hours confirming your order with the next steps in the process. This begins the obligation-free consultation. It may take several e-mails until you are satisfied with the designs and prices. Our ultimate goals are perfection and client satisfaction.

  • Orders from international clients are most welcome!


Our prices, like our gowns, are made to measure. That’s what we call Interactive Pricing. Everything is certainly negotiable and we choose to work with just about every bride’s budget. The price of every gown is computed individually based on choice of fabric, level of difficulty, and extent of embellishment (beading, appliqué, embroidery by hand or by machine). If your budget does not match our prices, please contact our Creative Director -MIREY LEVI  ( naama.anat@gmail.com ) with your price offer. While we welcome all price offers we do not guarantee that we will match your price offer but we will certainly work with you to get to a mutual agreement.  


As is the general rule when ordering a bespoke item, we require a sixty percent (60%) deposit payment to be made prior to booking the order. Once the order has been confirmed Naama and Anat will begin production. You will be informed regularly on the status of production.,Your approval may be sought occasionally and you are always welcome to inquire about the status of your order.

Due to the custom nature of our dresses, we have a no-cancellation policy. Once your order has been placed and processed, it is impossible for us to catch the payment and cancel it for you. 

How We Work

  • Deposit: We do require a deposit before any production begins on the work order. The deposit required is in the amount of 60% (sixty percent) of the total order. Production will not commence on any order until all measurements have been received and the total deposit has been made. Please note that due to the custom nature of our dresses, Naama and Anat does not accept exchanges, refunds or cancellations on any orders. All sales are FINAL. Once an order has been placed and payment has been made, all payments are applied to the making of your dress including securing the fabric from outside vendors and stopping payments already made to vendors is not possible.

After the client has consented to the Design Details Document and measurements and deposits have been turned in, the process moves to the next step: Production.


We accepts the following methods of payment:

  • VISA

  • MasterCard

  • American Express

  • Western union

  • Diners Club

  • Bank Transfer

  • PayPal

All payments keep your order details secure so you are guaranteed that your information is 100% safe and secure since we call you for information. 

There are quite a few steps involved in creating a custom gown perfectly tailored just for you. Unparalleled quality and expert design are what drive us at Naama and Anat and so we have built a systematic process to ensure efficiency throughout the order process. The following steps give an overall synopsis of Naama and Anat way.


– Consultation

Consultation is the first step in the order process. This involves a meeting between the client and the Creative Director of Naama and Anat. This meeting can be in one or more of the following forms:

  • In person.

  • Telephone.

  • WhatsApp Chat.

  • Skype / Face Time Video Call.

  • E-Mail.

During the consultation phase, the client and the Creative Director of Naama and Anat will discuss the purpose of the order and what combination of products and services best meets the client’s needs. All clients are encouraged to communicate all design ideas in detail and provide pictorial visuals of those ideas in order to ensure both parties understand what is to be achieved. The Creative Director of Naama and Anat will then offer her own design expertise which may enhance, complement or change the client’s design.

Please note that the client is free to change the agreed upon design at any time during the order process up until the Production phase. Once in the production phase no changes can be made to the design and to measurements. The order becomes final and irrevocable.

Once a final design is agreed upon to the client’s satisfaction, the process moves to the next step: Pre-Production.


– Pre-Production

Having concluded all designs and customizations to be done in the work order, the Pre-Production phase begins with the following steps:

  • Design Details Document: A Design Details Document will be emailed to the client outlining all the details agreed upon for the work order. This document will have pictorial visuals of all designs in the work order, fabric selections, color choices and all customizations for the work order. This document is the formal representation of all designs finalized between the client and the Creative Director. It is extremely important that when the client receives the Design Details Document via e-mail the client must review all details within the document thoroughly, highlight any inconsistencies, and then communicate back to Naama and Anat for the document to be revised. If the client has no further changes to the Design Details Document, the client will respond back to the e-mail giving Naama and Anat the consent to commence production based on all details in the Design Details Document. Production will not commence on any work order that the client has not given consent to.

  • Measurements: For clients unable to appear in person none of our bridal boutiques we will send her a measurement sheet which includes pictorial visuals on how to measure accurately will be sent to the clients via e-mail for them to provide us with their measurements. We advise those clients unable to appear in person that it is important to have their measurements taken by a professional tailor in order for these measurements to be accurate. These services are usually offered free of charge by professional tailors. Please be sure to fill out every item on the measurement sheet and check the measurements thoroughly for possible inaccuracies and incomplete / missing measurements before submitting back to us.


– Production

  • Production on individual dress orders: 

  • The dress will be made according to the Design Details Document described above. When production of the dress is close to completion, pictures of the dress will be e-mailed to the client for approval. The client can make minor revisions to the dress. Major changes including (but not limited to) fabric, color, size/measurements, design/style are not allowed during the production phase. Any approved revisions to the dress will be made and thereafter pictures of the revised dress will be e-mailed to the client for final approval. In order to meet the client’s delivery timeline, only ONE round of revisions is allowed per dress. Once the client has approved the revised dress, finishing touches will be made to the dress in order to complete production. At completion of the work order, final pictures will be sent to the client of the finished gown and no changes or revisions can be made at this point as production is considered final and the gown is ready to be shipped or fitted in person.

  • Production Lead Time:

  • Please allow 12 to 14 business weeks (excluding weekends and holidays) for the production of wedding gowns.

Once production of the work order is complete, the process moves to the next step: Post-Production.

 Balance Payment: The remaining 40% (forty percent) payment on the work order is due prior to the dress being picked up or shipped out. Please note that under no circumstance will any dress will be released to the client for shipping without the balance payment being made and confirmed.It is therefore important that clients make adequate preparations early on in order for account balances to be paid in full prior shipping. Any unpaid balances will result in shipping delays regardless of the original timeline agreed upon and regardless of the closeness to the event date. Naama and Anat will not be held liable for any delivery delays caused by the client’s inability to make full payment on account balances.

  • Delivery: After the client has made full payment on the remaining balance, Naama and Anat will confirm payment. Upon confirmation from Naama and Anat, we will contact the client to ship the dress.


  • Due to the custom nature of your one-of-a-kind dress, please allow 12 to 14 weeks for your wedding gown to be finished, after which it will be shipped immediately to you.

  • We, typically, do not accept any orders in which the event/wear date is less than 10 weeks from the date of purchase.

  • For international orders, depending on your country, please allow an additional 7-9 business days for shipping before your dress gets to you.

Please fill out this form and we will get back to you with details on how to order.


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