When it comes to brides, no two are exactly alike. Each and every bride we meet wants to feel like absolute royalty on her wedding day, and her interpretation of what that looks like will depend on her own personal expression of elegance! No matter what her shape, size, or style may be, it is our goal to make every bride feel like a princess! Through designing delicate dresses and custom-made gowns, we are passionate about the process from start to finish.

We recently sat down with one of the talented writers of  The Urban Twist to tell all about our creative custom designs and share the special mother-daughter bond that sets us apart from the rest. In the interview, we told our start-up story, described our careful design process, and revealed what makes each of our wedding gowns so personal. Keep reading to see an excerpt of the story and find the full feature!

“When I think of weddings, I think about two people who have come together and want to continue to build a strong foundation with love, trust, and assurance, so it’s no wonder daughter Naama and mother Anat produce such care and affection with their one of a kind design for wedding dresses…I reached out to Naama to get answers to how she makes sure her creations last way beyond [and after] her client’s wedding day.

Naama let me ask her the questions to get the answers to the story of how this mother and daughter duo built a bridal couture Israeli custom designed empire together.”

From our carefully cut lace to our fabulously unique fit, we take pride in our gowns and all that has gone into making them! To see the full story and get all the glamorous details on our delicate designs, click here!